Personal coaching

Is this the life you dreamed of living?

Or are you trapped in the day to day – with no time or support to step back and take a breath? I am here to help you work out what is possible – in your life, right now. No judgment, just confidence, space and the skills to bring out the best in you.

“I had reached a crossroads in my life – a period of inner conflict relating to values in the workplace. Lesley listened and helped me to achieve clarity and confidence during this period of considerable change.” Margaret

Find your passion

What would you do if you could do anything? How would you spend your day? Your week? Your year? Whether it’s learning to play the piano, achieving the career you’ve always dreamed of, sailing around the world or getting a dog – all of your dreams are within your reach. Let’s work together to make this one life one that you’re truly proud of.


 “Over the time I have worked with Lesley-Anne, she has given me great strength and confidence in the times when I have needed it most. She is kind, encouraging and someone I feel very comfortable talking to.”

James, Coachee


Loss support

An experienced life coach and bereavement counsellor, I will walk with you to the most difficult places and support you to address the painful problems that you might have carried with you throughout your life. I have worked with loss at all levels: bereavement, divorce, separation, redundancy, financial loss, and challenging relationships. As your coach, I will be with you at every level – from the darkest of feelings to helping you forge your own path forward, whatever that looks like. 

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Photography courtesy of Heidi Marfitt